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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This painting/drawing is all about having the courage to be successful.

All about returning to Love ourselves, when especially as women we are taught to shrink down in order to make others comfortable. Taught to think being familiar with failure is because that is when in reality we are all born to be wildly successful. So here I take Marium Williamsons' writing and turn it into my own art.
This picture is dramatic because it has my cats shadow in it, he loves chasing light and the flash put him on the attack!

I added multiple layers in this piece you can see their pants are made up of small print Marium Williamson words.

Here you can read the words I wrote and painted and drew on with pen pencil and paint! Plus torn pieces of poem and in the background a few of my own painting's that were shrunken and gessoed on top of for distant effect.

I made these words darker as I wanted them to be noticed

Not sure I like her wearing boots but she is a bit like the shrunken flower so she had to cover up more.

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