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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A week of celebrations and learning!

ice cream cake for the nine year older

Pizza time

More pizza

couldn't all fit at the table so made all three Daniels sit at bar!

being goofy

more sillyness

great group of boys!

Here's my soon to be HS GRAD!


Helium filled ballooons

Mom made cupcakes ,vanilla with chocolate frosting and sprinkles yummy!

They all brought their nerf guns for the battles.

Smile Danny!

Bunny ears on self

the Dans

Having fun with electronic after nurf games and light fun in the dark rain and sleet.

Dan, Bernard and Joey



Popcorrn time

Time for presents


Thanks Josiah!

A gift certificate from Bernard and a huge birthday card!, very generous!

Dan and Joey(brothers) gave another nerf gun!

Zach such a cutie!

We made model magic monsters

The boys were very creative

and very intent

and funny

and imaginative, Dan did two sides to his monster

Danny made Japanese man eating brownies

Josiah made this amazing dragon in such a short time too

this is one side of Dans

The other side of Dans

Zachs one eyed top hatted wormy

Josiah's second creation

Bernard made a Bosnian flag

Here's Danny's other man eating brownie

My sons work, it was a cute creature with a suit but he smooched it!

then turned it into this snake thing
HAPPY NINE BIRTHDAY Garrett! We love you, and hope you have a wonderful year!!!!

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