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Monday, April 29, 2013

My latest artwork is a memorial to my great grand mother Netti!

Here's my stain glass paper window it was a lot of work! Wanting to do this special because it was actually dedicated to my great grandmother Nettie Ardell Davis Holmes way back in 1913.  One hundred years ago!!! She lived in New Derry, NH., near Lake Sunapee, A man named Cass Gilbert used to summer there. and he became a great friend with my great grandfather and great grandmother. He was a famous architectural designer. He designed the Woolworth Tower which was at the time the tallest skyscraper in the world. He invited my great grandmother and great grandfather to come see it in NYC. Since my great grandmother was the first woman to go to the top, she had to have all kinds of written wavers from Cass himself because it was only a freight elevator.Back in the year of 1913  women were only wearing long skirts so Nettie was at risk of getting her skirt caught in the elevator and being sucked down to her death which is why woman generally didn't ride the elevators. Later that year during the summer my poor great gram got a flu which turned into the whooping cough, finally to pneumonia, and she died after only three days of being seriously ill. Her children were still quite young and it was so sad.She was only 46 years old.  Cass really liked my grandparents so he had Tiffany of NYC build this very large stain glassed window in memory of my great grandma Netti Holmes. 
  Yesterday I was visiting an antique store and found this picture and thought I would add it too to my Life Book Journal. Also the original Stained Glass picture I actually had to photograph it from my computer because the picture my cousin Petey sent me wouldn't download.
    I once went to visit the church but no one was there so I wasn't able to see it in real life. The church is dead now and the window is covered in plastic on the outside for protective purposes. I am going to try and see if maybe the Boston Museum of Fine art might want it since Nettie's daughter went to college at the Boston Museum of Fine Art School. Her name was Dorothy Holmes and excellent artist! 
The piece I made was done with Crystalline glassine papers I created with gel medium and paint on plain white tissue and meticulously cut pieces and glued them down, I painted the face though, I like how it came out and that it's a memorial.
  I now feel more connected to my heritage!

My paper stain Glass Window

cards from 1914 a  year after Woolworth bldg was built

all cards show view of the Woolworth bldg

My how things have changed

see small print

found these at a local antique shoppe

Hardly any cars on the roads below

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