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Monday, May 6, 2013

Self affirmations!

   I am the mother of teenagers,and the only female in the house of five.  So doing these affirmations was really healthy for me! I was needing them badly. I like how cheery my face looks and I am a friendly sort and I think it always shows.
My cat's think I'm intelligent!
  I believe I am forgiving because I was forgiven by God, He has taught me how to forgive others and how to love myself again and even better.
 Having an open heart keeps me young and helps me to help others.
I was such a cute baby!
I have gained mercy through life sufferings. I think through suffering we build character and character gives us mercy.

I have one blue eyed boy!

   I still am an adventurer but my adventures have changed a lot since I have grown older. I take risks in different ways then I did when I was young, now my risks make more sense! When I was young I might have jumped from a plane had I been given the opportunity. Now my risk is putting my art out into the world and chancing being rejected or excepted selling or not! Offering my gifts instead of hiding them under a bushel!
We all must advocate for self!

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