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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Some uncaged beauties...

My practice girl

before I fixed her eyes


My Hand My Heart

My husband anniversary gift from me

made by Roger Kabler



Happy Birthday Caryl!


true for you Caryl

My gift from hubby was to have my wedding rings sized
 I think they are still a wee bit tight though, the girl said they can't fall off your fingers so I lket her talk me into this, Should a done it my way!
Sent Caryl the flowers just in case she doesn't like em showing 

Side view of  " Mail em by Sea"!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I went to the local pottery store called " Color Me Clayfull" this week and painted a few mugs!

Mugs, I will be making these mugs for sale so if people want one for a certain hair color or special writing on the back let me know! The little ones will be 36.oo to start and going up from there. The large one is quite a bit more as it's a lot more detailed and both sides are painted as is the inside!
Before my coffee


at the bottom of my cup

me on a mug

side view of me on a mug

Sunlight strike the artists cheeks with color and inspiration. Caffeine fueling paints and brushes with God's sweet creation!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Just a large folded work I made for a year long book I am doing...

With the LIFE CLASS 2013! You can see although I don't always post I am very busy, not to mention three boys at home all summer long  with graduation and summer friends the pool and mini vacations.

This one went to a special relative named Evy!

Mixed media piece with many layers , this was so much fun to create! I sure hope Adam, Robin, Evy and Preston all love it for years to come! Love you guys, Sanna

title:Grinning Fish

Haven't posted in a while, summer time is busy...

and can be exhausting


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