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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yesterday I went to the NH Fair! I took only a few pictures as I was rushed...

W e brought the dog because she is so old I feel badly leaving her at home at this point for any extended amount of time. Then when we got there found out no dogs allowed in the Fair grounds. So my dad let me view the fair for two hours, then we were going to switch but he didn't want to when I got out. I didn't buy anything because it seems all the prices have skyrocketed. I loved so many things though. I saw a felted purple cat that I adored and I know I could make that myself, just need to take a wet felting class. I would have bought it but felt too guilty to spend on myself since two boys are going to college in less then a month.
  Then there was this one woman who was selling hand made jewellery and I loved this one ring. Might still buy that for myself eventually. Gilt ruled my decision making processes..
  Here are the amazing artists I did take pictures of and what they made were sculptures. Guess that is the art that still really floats my boat! One guy was a folk type artist and he makes art from pieces of scrap wood awesome artist, I was drooling over everything he made.
  The other guy was a clay artist and his life life oceanic sculptures made me want to create too! He was very open and friendly. Too bad I didn't have time for talking.

Jim's Adam and Eve

Jim Lambert art.

Jim Lamberts 3d dog!

Jim Lambert's Sunshine!

Here you can see the artist himself in the background. Jim Lambert!
This is the sculptor Glen Maclnnis
I took this photo of the artist when the sun was very bright behind him , still he does look like a true art person to me. Look at his very cool octopus vase!
Jim Lambert's amazing whale and quirky mermaids!

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