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Monday, September 30, 2013

Welcome to the first auction please do place a bid!!

Welcome to the auction for the art of African Children. This is a silent auction of 20 original paintings. Each painting has been under painted by an African child, then signed and dated on the backs by the child who painted this particular painting. I then do a more concise over painting and sign the front as Auntie Sanna. This is how the African Children's choir(Destiny Africa) refer to adults who care for them, or are connected through church/ministries as we are considered part of their family..
These paintings are Acrylic high quality paint, are 16x20 inches, sealed with gel matte medium and finally Dorland's wax.
All proceeds will go to the children’s needs or housing. The artists who are part of the Destiny Africa choir are from Uganda, and have all been through serious hardships. They are adopted by the Kampala Christian Centre of Uganda where they are raised with education, healthy food and love. These children have faced severe adversity, loss of family, disease, violence and war. There could be no greater cause; the biddings will all start at $50.. This is a silent auction so please contact me at for further information and to place a bid. Each painting will be up for bid for two weeks. Thank you and remember you not only get a painting but you make a difference in children’s lives. We are hoping to raise enough money to put toward a home or homes. One of our goals is to purchase homes, for a house that places up to 12 children and one adult the cost is $65000. Thanks you again and be sure to email me at , the words in yellow overlay (Suffer the Children) are not in the original painting. They are just to keep this painting free from copying. Our hope is to make prints as well as sell the originals.                                              
Remember when placing your bid to head the subject Destiny Africa and the title of the painting you are bidding on. For now this painting will be titled Free African Children! Although this Thursday I am once again meeting with the children so that they can title and see their finished pieces!
Free African Children

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Here's the African Childrens art we will be actioning

off! Bids will be starting at $50.dollars. Remember too these are for the children's housing. It takes $65000 to build a house for up to no more than 12 children and one house mom. All people need a home to grow up healthy and strong. Kampala Christian Centre is a model project for all the children of Africa. A place where they feed, teach, house, grow leaders and most of all teach the love of the Lord!  These children are not just being fed food, but spiritual food and mental ability,so that many will grow up to become doctors, teachers, pilots, musicians, farmers, IT people, and much more. With the money we are able to raise through this art more opportunity will be gained. One hundred percent will go straight to the children of Uganda..
  Next week the children are coming through NH again on their way to RI from Vermont. That's when I will be meeting with them so that I can take individual photos of each child and his/her art work. That is when they will also be titling their paintings.
  I did the over paintings so I signed my names on the fronts in smallish lettering and signed my name as Auntie Sanna, since the children show respect by calling people who are older auntie or uncle if we are a part of the family in faith.Which I am happy to say I am . I love being their auntie! I want to go to Africa and teach them art too, sure hope it's in God's plans for me.
  I have wanted to be a missionary to Africa since I was a small child myself. I would love to help them found an art program.We all know how art heals and that the world in every culture has great artists waiting for opportunity to create!
  I thoroughly enjoyed the short time I had with these blessed children and I miss them so much as odd as that seems. I think of them all the time and I want to hug them and wrap them in my arms and protect them just like my own kids. Maybe because they have no parents, and maybe because they are just so sweet and precious. They all work so hard to help the other still needy small children and babies of Africa who are hungry and need  not only food and clothing, but love and support. I watched them do those shows(where thy sing and dance and give testimony) and I just thought they are saints. Very very young saints, selflessly giving for others who have less. How could anyone not love these precious children?
  Please stay tuned for more information on the auctioning as I find out who your checks will be written too, as they will be tax deductible.Collection will be to me but they will be written to the org in charge of monies going to Kampala Christian Centre and Destiny Africa.
  Until then here are a few peeks at the children's art work!!!!!
This is my title may not be what the child chooses

This child wanted me to draw her, she did the background and lovely textures!

This says: "I smile because I love di Lord" It's one song the children sing and "di"  means the, I love African accents! I love all accents!!!

The over letters will not be in the actual art, this is simply a protective measure.

The Crested Crane is Uganda's national bird

The children have one dog at their community at home, a big dog they named Chiwawa! LOL!

This young man made a cross and wanted a basketball net hanging off it as their painting were about what brings them joy! So I told him to add a lot of balls. He said he like foot ball best and proceeded to tell me that really means soccer!

David wanted a lion! I love his polka dotted nose!

This girl was a challenge as it was already so beautiful I simply added designs!

Already being requested by two women! So the bid might go high on this one?!!

To me this is so simple and beautiful, I hardly had to do a thing to it,but it will make a great cover for
the box the cards go in and a wonderful print for those who love the show!
This sweet girl wanted a third dog but I suggested we do a monkey since no one else had yet and she agreed, the monkey made her laugh! I loved her butterfly so worked the tail around that!

This piece was created but the leader of music! He had a real artists touch. Great job Alex!!!!

Dorothy who is there matriarch was so sweet and she participated and did a beautiful  painting too!!~Thank you Dorothy it came out beautifully!!!

More cranes and I love how there are three but my favorite is the one the child painted!

This one was by Mary Pheona! She is so happy and she has many smart ideas too!

Added pink to this piece as the girl strike me as a fashionable girl who would love pink!

I loved this tree, the child said it was a magic tree but I think it's the tree of life so I added eleven birds to the one he had soaring up into the tree!!!

Here you see both Uganda, and Africa's shapes, and a message about God's undying love to us.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Destiny Africa

If ever you get the chance to attend a show it's a must see.
 These youngsters are amazing!!

Their show is better then Disney World!!!

 They are all so beautiful too and humble. They love God each one is so gentle.
 But mon can they dance and sing!

This boy turned eleven years old the very day I took this picture, what a meaningful life he has at such a young age!.

 The drummers are so good too they really keep a beat and keep the show  moving!

Mary Phenona is so pretty! She has dimples and dances like a gogo girl!
But even better, because she does it all for the Lord!

This girl was so sweet she stole my heart. Maria Monica.

These boys not only dance in unison but they also do some impromptu, very impressive!!!

Such a prayerful show.

They do two to four shows a days, truly amazing!

Human angels, all of them!

This show filled me with the Holy Spirit!

This beautiful child also simply kept my eyes!

Gilbert, all the ladies love him! He has great spirit and is a prayer warrior.

Even the girls play the drums, and very well too!!!

They smile the whole time!

This is the wedding garb of Uganda.

Isn't he a handsome groom!

So cute!

Thank you Destiny Africa, you have renewed my heart!I will love and pray for each of you always!!!!

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