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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Here are some works I completed. One is for charity.

 The charity I am giving it to is called "A Place To Bark", hopefully it will be auctioned off and help to take care of America's hurting pets.
 This is what it says:
 "My ruins are not really ruins at all merely a dream of a better tomorrow from building on the past out of this dog and pony show. Not to be diminished while I play with puppies, putting bunny ears on their heads and ballerina skirts on their bodies. These sweet things for now seem small but to me and my paintbrush a joy to behold. Beholden to me where whimsy,joy, and cherishing of moments are always just a muse away from coming to fruition. A splash, a dash, a sketch, some glitter, a prayer to my God above~ thinking about what'll make a difference. In my life and in others, the only thing I am sure of ...the wonderful gift of love!"
Sending this to Bernie Berlin! Happy Birthday too Bernie, Bernie is the saint for all animals that need saving. She gets them to health and finds them homes. She's also a wonderful artist and human being. 

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