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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Life is one miracle after another....

  Today I went outside to take photos of my latest tag art, so there I was in my own world. The sun was beating down on me (FELT GREAT) and I was trying to take pictures of these Halloween tags under some dried brush out of the sun. I kept hearing some little noises and decided to look around and see if nature had come to visit me. To my astonishment and because I was being so quiet there was a gaggle of turkey almost close enough for me to catch em and make an Early Thanksgiving dinner for ya all!
Like some ancient dino birdious!

As I tried to capture them on film they ran out to our curb

I did make this early Thanksgiving card!

See proof my house right in front of our mailbox!!!!

hehehe like a schools out for recess "Everyone line up, time to go in!"

one of my little gardens with a chippy hole! Naughty chipper!!!

Lat of the Hibiscus.

Tree has really grown since the day we first planted it about 15 yrs ago.

My Hibiscus get bigger every year! I love that plant, thanks sister!!!

And now for today's finished artworks!
Six  Little Pumkins

My Favorite for this years tags!~

Tree tags

my beautiful yellow rose bush, it's my favorite flower, smell almost as pretty as it looks.

back yard center

more Halloween tags


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