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Thursday, September 12, 2013

So here are my three upcoming artists and the three under/overpaintings!

Introducing Brianna, Autumn, and Sierra as my three under painters for August!!! I am trying this wonderful new idea/technique, where I have youth do the under paintings and then I go in and do the over paintings.Not to rule out elderly or older people being  a part of this happening. I am wanting to focus on joyous futures so I call this movement "ART FOR ETERNITY" " 

Brianna's under painting with my over painting, Titled: LET ME IN"
Here's Brianna, I just loved her underpainting with all these little hand prints and what seems framed in already as a window. I couldn't help but see her with her little face looking in and saying to the world: "LET ME IN"!   I am hoping to work with children of all ages, with a goal of working and be inspired toward the future. I with Gods loving help am hoping to sell these pieces and then will be writing checks out to the under painters for a quarter of the profits.
There's gonna be a skating Party!

I was inspired towards this happening a little over a year and a half ago and since then things are really falling into place. God is so good.I have even created a stamp which says: OFFICIAL UNDER PAINTER on it with a signature line under that and a date line as well. The under painters sign the backs and this way when the piece sells I know who to write my checks out to, so far I am not charging for these experiences. So I pay for the canvas and paints and offer the lessons for free. What I teach is mark making and self expression and I also want to bend toward teaching their own use of personal language or symbolism. This last part I gained from listening to Shiloh Sophia. Who helps the oppressed women and children of the world, as I also want to do. Although I am also going to be working with mentally ill men and boys in the future as well... God willing.  Basically for me it's about people who need to express themselves in general. Through fine art , mark making and self expression in general. The entire world needs a positive way to say what they have need to be heard.
Titled: Autumns Eleventh Snow"!
Since it's Autumns birthday this weekend I decided to name this piece in honor of her eleventh birthday which she and her parents are hosting at a skating rink. So there she is in all her glory and Autumn is also quite the dancer. I hope this piece sells and she can use it towards her future in dancing.
Still ten here.
See the Britto influence?

Colorful Playing

Here's the beautiful and talented violinist Sierra. She is one of the sweetest little girls ever and she has such a heart for God. Love you Sierra! I know I haven't captured all of Sierras beauty in my painting but it's a neat little picture for music enthusiasts! Both Sierra and her brother as capable of playing the violin while bouncing on pogo sticks.

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