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Monday, September 30, 2013

Welcome to the first auction please do place a bid!!

Welcome to the auction for the art of African Children. This is a silent auction of 20 original paintings. Each painting has been under painted by an African child, then signed and dated on the backs by the child who painted this particular painting. I then do a more concise over painting and sign the front as Auntie Sanna. This is how the African Children's choir(Destiny Africa) refer to adults who care for them, or are connected through church/ministries as we are considered part of their family..
These paintings are Acrylic high quality paint, are 16x20 inches, sealed with gel matte medium and finally Dorland's wax.
All proceeds will go to the children’s needs or housing. The artists who are part of the Destiny Africa choir are from Uganda, and have all been through serious hardships. They are adopted by the Kampala Christian Centre of Uganda where they are raised with education, healthy food and love. These children have faced severe adversity, loss of family, disease, violence and war. There could be no greater cause; the biddings will all start at $50.. This is a silent auction so please contact me at for further information and to place a bid. Each painting will be up for bid for two weeks. Thank you and remember you not only get a painting but you make a difference in children’s lives. We are hoping to raise enough money to put toward a home or homes. One of our goals is to purchase homes, for a house that places up to 12 children and one adult the cost is $65000. Thanks you again and be sure to email me at , the words in yellow overlay (Suffer the Children) are not in the original painting. They are just to keep this painting free from copying. Our hope is to make prints as well as sell the originals.                                              
Remember when placing your bid to head the subject Destiny Africa and the title of the painting you are bidding on. For now this painting will be titled Free African Children! Although this Thursday I am once again meeting with the children so that they can title and see their finished pieces!
Free African Children

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