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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gelli plate art

This week I experimented with my Gelli plates. The one below was the nicest as far as technique outcome. I did fluid resistance with thick acrylic and it came out lovely, thanks Tam!
Believe and He will come In
 Here below I used some homemade stencils I had used on other pieces and glued them down with Liquidex.I did some roller stamping on the edges from the wheels I got from Michaels. Underneath are bird carving stamps I made earlier this year and under that some stencil girl stencils and gelli plate experimentation for my monoprint.
My heart is in the hearts of Africa!
Here is a piece I dedicate to Malala a Pakistani girl now woman who was shot by the al qaeda men. Simply for going against their culture and wanting an education . Both she and her father are hero's in my opinion, very sweet and humble, peaceful warriors for the common people and for all girls everywhere who are denied their education. In other countries where not everyone is afforded an education the children are starving for one and want so badly to be able to read and right and have a voice. Females especially are so oppressed in so many countries but children in general too just need our love and support everywhere. What I found truly amazing is Malala has such wisdom, she holds no grudge against the men who harmed her, and she even understand why they are that way. She is said to be a modern day Mother Theresa and I have to agree her humility and love for the human spirit is undeniable. Much like Jesus even when prosecuted she continues to love and hope. I pray God continues to protect Malala and those like her and even for their eternal souls.
I too am Malala

God's love is the only thing that is enough
  I am going to try and focus more of my art where my heart lies and it has always been with African children.
  These are the African masks I carved into rubber stamps this week. A lot of fun and very inspiring.



She waits in Uganda



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