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Monday, December 2, 2013

African Children Auction information!

Some of the  paintings below  have bids placed upon them! Yeah!!! However this not not preclude them from being rebid which means if you really like one of these simply contact me at
letting me know one of these paintings is of interest to you and then make a bid, remembering the beginning bid on all paintings is $50.dollars, so chances are these are all at least 50.-$55. dollars or more already so bid higher and I will email you back to let you know if you are currently the winning bid or if you need to bid higher still.

Nature is Awesome
Remember when you are emailing me to request a bid or information on this auction be sure to write something about the painting in your subject line. Examples of this would be Destiny Africa art work, Children's paintings, Housing for children of Uganda, or something that lets me know what the content is about, another word serious stuff to save lives.
   This past month a child from Kampala Children's Centre died from Meningitis. Her name was Martine and she was a brilliant girl who had just turned 18. We are seriously considering using this money raised from the art to open a medical centre on the Kampala Children's centre grounds in Martine's memory. It has really affected so many that loved this young promising life.
This is a silent auction which means when you place a bid you do it through one person and no one else will know your name or bid amount until the bidding is through. Unless you ask to remain private. Our bidding starts today and ends on DEC. the tenth. This way everyone will receive their art hopefully in time for the Holidays.
  Please email me Sanna (AKA: Susan Burgess) at, be sure to type in the subject line bidding of  Destiny African Art! Bidding for each piece of art starts at $50 dollars. So on Dec. 10, 2013 all bids will be closed and highest bidder will win their piece of artwork. When you place your bid be sure to add you name and address as well as your email with which you want my contact. I will contact each person as the bidding goes forth to let them know where they stand. For example if you are currently the highest bidder I will email you back to let you know, and if someone outbids you on your desired artwork I will let you know that and the amount you were outbid by. Another words if you bid $50. dollars and the next person bids $100. dollars, I will email you the first time and say you are in the lead, after that next person has bid I will email you to let you know you were outbid by $50. dollars giving you ample opportunity to increase your bid., this continues until the deadline date at 12 noon EST. That is when the highest bidder will win. Any paintings which are not sold if there are any will go directly to the future shows and be sold at the churches and schools where Destiny Africa performs. When DEC tenth comes and you have won your artwork you will need to write two checks. One for the amount you've bid to NDE USA(which is Nations Discipleship Enterprise USA, and the other check to Susan Burgess which will simply cover shipping charges and packaging, this amount will be  $36.dollars for any where in the continental USA. Anywhere else in the world and the shipping goes up much higher, so it'll be up to you if you live in Canada or England , but I will have to find out the final shipping cost if you are able to bid from, places other the the continental USA. This is not for my profit at all if there are any dollar amounts even left over from shipping that money will also be sent directly to the children's cause, for building homes.
  I really want this to be a complete success for the children of Uganda so if there's anything I can do to help just email me once again at My art signature and email computer name  is Sanna, but my actual Christian name is Susan Burgess. You may call me either.
Windows of Uganda

Painting by Alex

Painting by Mary Pheona

Painting by Maria Monica

Love God

Painting by Emmanuel

Painting by Patients

Painting by Dorothy

Painting by Gilbert

Monkeying around

Sunny Thoughts

by Haslam, art I am bidding upon myself! You can try to win it from me though!

Lion of Judah , Painted by David

Painting by Noah

Painting by Michael

See each painting to know current bid status!

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