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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All paintings have been bid upon!!!!

God is soooooooooooooooooooo good! Thank you Lord for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful cause, my hope is renewed! Seriously folks I have not felt this inspired or fulfilled in like forever! Ever since I was a young girl I have wanted to be a missionary to Africa. I remember telling someone I knew when I was in college from my past and she said you "HOLMES" never! I thought about that and said to myself she's right I am not worthy. I still had a heart for Africa though and even got to visit an Island off its coast while stationed in Italy in the USAF.
 Life went on things happened , I got married had children and physical and mental illnesses, and although I still had this heart for Africa I thought my desire must be for not. Whenever I saw the tv commercials of starving children in Africa I could not even bare it or to stay on the channel. I would always ache and cry for those beautiful children with the big eyes and the tiny naked hungry bodies.
   Life went on and I turned 50, and thought God could never make me into a missionary now, it's too late for me. Then stuff started happening, stuff, the Holy Spirit of God kind of stuff! I started to attend a bible study where they laid healing hands upon me.   Another lady named Julie and my sweet friend Tina came to my home and again laid healing hands upon me while praying a special prayer one I had never heard before. One in which I am to reject what was meant for evil on me and to claim only what was meant for good. I felt His spirit move in me.
  Meanwhile I was taking the LIFE BOOK 2013 CLASS with Tam Laporte. My artwork was making strides but more then that, I was being inspired in ways as never before on how to reach others through healing and art, through God's love and how He gifted me.
  Last weekend I met a man named Arnold, a man 600 children call Daddy! He is the founder of Kampala Children's Centre, and an amazing man for God love and His vision for "THE GREAT COMMISION"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My dear husband who is usually a shy man asked Arnold for his testimony of how he came to know JESUS. We all listened as this man gave an enthralling testament to how God has changed and led his life. One thing that really impressed upon my heart was when he said Jesus touched him and when He did He let him know he was damaged. YES FOLKS WE ARE ALL DAMAGED AND IT IS THROUGH THIS DAMAGE OTHERS CAN SEE GOD'S GLORY IN OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!
  I am damaged, I receive His healing whenever He wants to pour it onto me but I am damaged, and through this weakness God's love is so strong. All my life I was damaged and no one thought I could do anything  of much value, not even me, and the truth is because of this damage I can not, but through His love and guidance, through His grace and forgiveness we can all do mighty things. Things that matter, things that have eternal significance. So today I want to thank you all for this wonderful support for seeing through my damaged self and for being able to see God's vision. Not just for the children of Africa but for all the souls on earth, I pray we make a difference, and I thank God He gave me a renewed purpose. Amen

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