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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last pieces of my New Year giveaway!

OK folks so this part is special, as these three pieces go to a second winner! Plus as you can see I am also furnishing my limited edition business card,one I made specifically for a charity in which I donated the painting on the front of the card. Why a business card you might ask? Well because along with these two original works I am also offering the winner of this second part of my give away a choice of one of my pieces turned into an 8 x 10" print! So he/she will get to choose any past work of mine that is still available for print and I will than hand sign and mail it to that winner! Again Happy New Year, this is a great beginning to start our lives a new! Hugs, Sanna
5x7"acrylic painting

5x7"alcohol ink and black pen turned into a postcard original art

My limited edition business card

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