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Monday, December 2, 2013

Last weeks art work!

Baby due in 6 months, she's already glowing!

Thanksgiving table at Aunties house! She's the perfect hostess!!! Love you Auntie,get well!!

Seth and Babs with Auntie in her Apron! Gobble gobble!

Mom and UB!

Garrett the photobomber, with Dan, Steve and Heather!

Seth having a spiritual moment!

Don, Kathi, Mom and UB! UB head of his table!

Nat Daug at the computor desk, his second home! So cute!!! We love you Nathan!

Aunties pretty napkins, coarse I had to nab some for my art!

Grammie and the wee one!

My version of a Jesse Reno drawing!!! Love Jesse Reno!

Garrett and Molly!

Dan and Grayson.

My joker boy!

Trying to take Christmas pics is a nightmare. Garrett sure did lighten the mood!!!

Mug shot for Christmas?

Great food!
Dad,Harriet,Kath, Dan,Steve, Katie, Donn and Heather.
Garrett, Harriet, Katie, Nathan, Heather, and Steve!

Double ugh!!!!

These cut pictures are an exercise from the Life Book 2013 class!

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