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Monday, December 23, 2013

More snow people! Go Sox!

Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah!
My middle son wants to be a police man and so I made this couple!
 They actually have wire in the arms so they could bend at an angle and stick out straight!

These three were odd shakers without pairs so I made them a little trio family!

I left the face unpainted on this one because I liked it's strange center line, Sort of day of the dead looking?

These hats lended themselves into being sweatshirt people!

Behinds of Mr. and Mrs. Clause!

In person he looks like he is in love!

These are oprettier in real life nice tecties!

I did the emblem on hats  and back with water color paper and a sharpie! 

Go Sox! We are the champions!

These are Princess house crystals shaklers I believe!

Seth thought of this idea!

This couple looks like my husband and I!
Little woolen bulap's!

Backs of the maestros!
And yeah I am finished! Now I get to decorate the house!  Hang up cards and make some cookies!

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