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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Since the winner of the African children's auction was Tina...

this is the art piece she chose!
 What's funny is her daughter and I worked on a painting earlier this year which I intended on selling. Well God had other plans for this work. AS you all can see Sierra did the beautiful under painting.
 Sierra plays the violin so I decided it would be neat to paint her playing it in her piece. I took this to two shows and many inquired about this work and often wanted to purchase the work. I had it price very fairly but the shows I went to were not for art so people were not ready to spend on art for the most part. The piece was on sale for $175.00 dollars. If it had sold Sierra would have gotten a quarter of this sale price, but since it didn't her mom actually won it!!!! I haven't made prints yet so it will remain a one of a kind for Tina's family!.
 Sierra is such a beautiful girl it was hard to paint her justice. I want everyone to know the drawing was very fairly done I wrote down names with numbers next to them and then my friend Melissa over the phone went to random .org and put in the numbers. Tina's number came up, and Melissa wanted to see if some other bidders number might come up so she put the number in more times. Tina's number came up 3 times before another persons number did! We were both laughing saying it was meant to be!!!! Once again congratulations Tina!
  I think God wanted to reward Tina! She has such a good heart, she has God's heart for the African children. She sponsors them, she hosts them when they visit NH, and she and her family have actually been to visit them in Africa! Fact: while they were there she and her family actually started the stringed instrumentation ministry for Destiny Africa! Tina teaches music at her home and is a stay at home mother..

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