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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The auction has ended and below are a list of the winners!

Melissa and I did a random drawing of all the bidders for a free piece of my art work in 8x10" size. This person can either ask for a print of a preexisting work or may request a specific theme of their own hearts desire. I wrote down all the names and numbered them. I gave Melissa the amount of bidders and she input to, the winner came up as Tina! So extra congratulations to you Tina! What will it be???
The Kindness of The Lord, by:Claire

Africa Loves America and Jesus, by:Emmanuel

Sunny Thoughts, by:Joan

Communication, By: Julius

King of Kings, by: Elisha

I love Destiny Africa, by: Haslam

Free African Children, by: Michael

Spiritual Gifts, By: Alex

Love God, By: Percy

When I grow Up, By: Noah

I Love The Lord, By: Patients 

God Loves the World, By: Mary Phiona

Lion Of Judah, By: David

Monkeying Around, By: Sylvia

I Love Africa My Mother Land, By: Gilbert 

Maria Monica, by Maria- Monica

Beauty of God's Creation, By: Dorothy

Tree of Life, By: Emmanuel

Nature is Awesome, By: Marium
Windows to Uganda, By:Shivan

Please email if you aren't sure about your bid amounts. Remember if you are not picking up your painting in person you need to write a check out in the amount of 36.00 to me(Susan Burgess) for shipping and handling. Email me for my address and any other information you might need please at I will not be keeping any extra proceeds from this amount if there is any extra it too will go to Destiny Africa. Please be sure to send the checks for your bid amounts to me as well but those should be written out to;
(Nations Discipleship
Enterprise, USA)

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