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Friday, February 8, 2013

I am Brave, and sometimes a giant chicken!

She is brave but she runs!
OK so this week in the Life Book class we were to create an animal that symbolized a time in our journey when we were brave, then superimpose ourselves over this image. I have felt the lion was my brave animal symbol eversince I was biten by that real lion while on vacation so many years ago off the coast of Africa. Now in all fairness it was only a baby lion but a lion non the less and it hurt!  Then I truied to think about times in my life when I was brave, and it made me so sad because I have never really felt brave, ever. Then I thought to myself but I know I have done many brave things so I tried to think back on those instances and how it felt. "SCAREY", everytime I have done anything brave in my life I was totally afraid. That's when I realized bravery is not a feeling it's an action. Being brave is when we are frightfull or nervous but we know the right thing to do and do what is unnerving any way because it's the right thing to do!
Initially I wanted to draw myself all stelthy and stalking and pouncing, but this is what came out: me running like a chicken! On the inside I am afraid but on the outside I behave couragously!

The  lion was sapossed to be a stencil we found on the internet but I could not find one that was a frontal view with two pouncing paws so I made my owwn stencil. I painted in the facial features so people could understand it was a mountain lion, since I live in a mountainous regoin. Even though the lion who bit me was African. My stencil was five pieces that I raised off as I sporayed my background from dark to light. I used masking fluid for the girl who is sapossed to be me. The only part that resembles me is her feet really!LOL, Oh and her kind and frightfilled heart!!!

Here's a game board I made for Life Book 2013

The ten commandments and the four love commandments

I decided to make my board about lerarning the ten commandments! My husband came home one day and said it bothered him they no longer teach them in the school system. Then he said he realized we weren't actively teachning them at home either so he printed out a bunch of different styles of them and posted them all around the house. That's when it dawned on me I could do my special game board abvout the ten commandments.

 Then I went to a ladies Valentine brunch at the Four Squares church in Bedford with my sweet friend Toni Palmer. The talk was all bout the two love commandmments, Love the Lord your God and they neighbor as thyself. So I looked it up and the bible actually had four love commandments. The other two art to love the brethren and also your enemies! So I did the entire ten and Moses bringing them to us on a unicycle to be modern and silly. Plus I added the four onto game cards for memory as well as having Moses hold them in a heart with the Lords face, so we would know the love commandments were directly brought to us through Jesus.

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