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Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Birthday to my friend Mary!

   Mary this one is for you to let you know how special you are to me. We've known each other a long time online and you are both a blessing,and an encouragement to me, so on this special day of yours I want to say thank you and Have a Happy Birthday! May this be your best year yet!!!!

Bunnies invade the world

This is another 8x8 acrylic painting just to hang in my own room to remind me of how good thing are and how joyful that should be.

Flopsie Mopsie and Cottontail


caption contest won by Bev Langly and it is this:"Did I forget my frontline again?"


My husband and I went on an actual date

Unless you include the two times we ate at Applebees in Nashua, it's been over 20 year. Never trusted folks with our children, except once in a while family for emergencies. Our neighbor Tina watched Garrett for this one and Dan got the house to himself. Thanks Tina!
Girl Power!
  Our date was interesting, exciting, fun, and delicious! We ate at a neat restaurant called "The Pickity Place ". Since 1786 this little red cottage has graced the hills of southern New Hampshire, seemingly untouched by time. The enchanting cottage was chosen by Elizabeth Orton Jones as the model for her illustrations in Little Red Riding Hood (Little Golden Books, 1948). Today it is a mecca for gardeners, foodies and anyone looking for inspiration and relaxation.
An adorable ambiance filled must see beat in history. I have been there before with girl friends and female family members but never with the hubby and never got to eat in the wolf room before. We had our own private room, our own private music and our own private waitress!  I painted these two little 8x8 mixed media pieces for them to hopefully hang and sell since then and because I am going back this Saturday with my sister niece and mom.
 This foot stool was at the foot of the canopy bed.
 Here is the grandmothers bed and you can plainly see the wolf must have devoured her already!
 Me devouring the wolf, hehehe, my husband was so embarrassed(I mean jealous)! Even though we were the only other ones in the room other then this wolf!
 I wanted to take pictures of the food as it was presented but kept forgetting and eating before I took the pics so this is my husbands half eaten meal!
 We met a nice gal name "Suzy", she came in and took a picture of the two of us! Thanks Suzy!
 There were two cats named Rosemary and Sage, this one was Rosemary and she is very friendly! We loved you Rosemary!!!!
 Rosemary wanted me to share my meal!!! Isn't she adorable!

Here is some of the Red Riding Hood paraphernalia!
 This was three meat soup with vegetables and smoked polenta on top yummers!

Our private, romantic table in the wolf room.


Pedestal information about the famous illustrator Elizabeth Orton Jones

All the old books museum quality only not for reading very quaint! I have ordered the one written by the originator of the Pickity Place so I can do some of her work in my style!

 This is one of the owners giving us our own private music. Isn't she cute , she and the other owner are newlyweds!

Out of the Woods
Here you see my interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood Knocking at the door to grandmothers cottage while at the same time knocking out the wolf!

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