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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oh here are some blu ATC's I made for the ARTCHIX blue ATC swap!


No better High then to be Queen of the Butterflys

Looking into the Night Sky

Blue Air Mail

Just a Little Blue Bird Waiting for Spring to Arrive!

My latest pieces!

You can all see the artist has been busy! These first two items are a four page fold out of quirky birds!
 These were done with the LIFE BOOK 2013 class I am taking, it's a lot of fun to see all the different takes on quirky birds!

Pink Dogwood

a stamp I decided to make using my own flower birds from the quirky bird piece. This way I can use it easily in future pieces!

Two Peas in a Pod
 I love how my peas came out but actually they are my friend Terry's peas. She saw my earlier peas in a pod and requested a larger work so viola! I think she like them since her twins are now 20 something this should keep her from ever having the empty pod syndrome!

Goats will be coming soon!

 I met a goat farming family near my bible study friends. So I asked them if I could do a goat study, they are so nice they are going to even call me when the goat is having her bab
ies. Well when one of em is any how because there are like three pregnant goats. I love babies all kinds human goats whatever they are all so cute and miraculous! These goats are the sweetest goats ever! The babies nuzzle and kiss me and the others are just so sweet. Except the pregnant ones they seem to want to be done with their pregnancies. Ladies we know how that can be! So here's on of the pictures I took. I will be painting some of the others so they're going to be a surprise!

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