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Friday, September 20, 2013

Destiny Africa blessed me today!

The children from Uganda came to my house to paint! We had a blast!!!!

Paintings of Destiny Africa
  We started our day with a bible reading from Isaiah 49.1-6 but the entire chapter is pertinent. After we read we prayed for God to bless the children and to also be a blessing to all who hopefully purchase their artwork.
Mary Pheona reading from Isiah

Here are three of my new friends, aunt Dorothy in the back she helps guide the children, so sweet and she was fun and made a painting too!!!!
Aunt Dorothy

Adam is from England and he was such a great helper, he made sure no one cheated when they were blindfolded!
He handed out paint too as did some of the other American adults! It was quite a task and we never could have succeeded without their helping hands and hearts! All this was done in under four hours!

In the middle is my sweet friend named Patients!

This was before we prayed or even read the bible, these kids really warmed up after we did so! They have beautiful hearts for God!

Having fun with my sons binoculars! Boys are boys no matter where they are from!!!! Gotta love that!

In the corner is Grace our token American kid for the day, some of the American helpers brought their children and they too were just so well behaved!

Here is Alex! He was very intent in his artistry and I think he's already a pro!

Yup, boys being boys!

Three champions in my book they cooked a meal for the children while we painted and also helped hand out tools and paints! Such nice genuine women!

I already want  all of this artwork on my walls, but I have to learn to share! 

They had beans and rice , beef stew , grapes, rolls with optional real butter, and I made them sinful chocolate chip brownies squares with cream cheese filling. None of them were even the slightest bit picky or rude.
First the girls got their food and then the boys came in, very orderly and respectful.

I could see how the younger children really looked up to the older, and to their adults.

Some of my pictures were over exposed because the sun was so bright and shinny, it was a perfect day!!!!

Is this not the cutest face ever? I think so, that's Gilbert with one of our neighbors Matt, he stopped by for lunch and washed all our supplies! Thanks Matt! Gilbert's painting is already sold!!!!!

Here are some of the older children with Melissa! I made them wear blindfolds for the first steps in the process and they were so silly and kept them on!!!! I love these children.

Here's Aunt Polly with some of the kids in the back yard eating their lunches!!!

Monkeying Around

Sorry we didn't have a canvas for little Grace, but she was a true artist and worked with watercolor and paper!

In Uganda they have actual Storks everywhere!

This was deemed a "Magic Tree" by it's maker!
   About a year and a half ago I started doing these neat underpaintings with the youth in my neighborhood and town. They learn how to make marks and express their own personal language through art and then I do an over painting. We bless each other. Here in town I provide the canvas and paint and  a quarter of future profits to the under painter, but Destiny Africa will get 100% of the profit.
   The backs of the painting have a special stamp on them that reads Official Underpainter, and the child signs their works there.Underneath that is a date line where they also date when they worked their underpainting.

I call this God Graffiti!


Hope I can do this masterpiece justice for you Alex!

Team work, this was my favorite work of the day!

Isn't it beautiful

The girls really love each other and wrote so in their art.

Here are Melissa and Micheal.  Micheal was behind because he wasn't feeling well the first part of the day. He seemed to be better after he ate his lunch, and what a sweetheart! Both of them, see the love!!!

Miriam's back here, Mariam stole my heart.

Mary Pheona painted Gods' hands holding the earth.

Yeah Destiny Africa!!!!!
  The painting here are going to be sold and the profit will go to the children of Africa, who have lost their parents to the terrible tragedies and horrors most North American children thankfully will never know. Many children in Africa have nothing , no parents, no homes, no clothes , no food.
  Destiny Africa is a powerful group of children God is raising up through Christian work, and His loving hands. They come to America and sing at churches to raise support and then go back to Africa and bring these monies to build homes for the children who have none. They are being trained to become kind and gentle leaders of their communities 
  While learning how to become self sufficient through music and other means like agriculture and computer literacy. Now hopefully also with art..
  When these paintings are complete I will give more information on how they can be purchased.


The winner of my drawing for leaving a comment on my blog is...

Laurene Allan, your print has a poem around it's edges. It will be delivered to your workplace! Congratulations Laurene!!!!!
Tiger Lily's

My show from Manchester

They had a band!

It started out nightmarish because of the wind. All my paintings and easels were smashing to the ground. Two easels got broken and and few of my art pieces were damaged. 
  After I set up the wind did die down and it got much better, I even made a few sales. Below is Penelopea! She has a great smile, I thought!!
 People were very nice and the woman who puts it together is always a gem, love my Sarah!
 I had lots of space even if it was on the ground!!!
 My son who is nine made a little friend and the two ran around together all evening. I am glad I went and even though the wind stressed me out, it was good to get out there with the people!

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