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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Destiny Africa

If ever you get the chance to attend a show it's a must see.
 These youngsters are amazing!!

Their show is better then Disney World!!!

 They are all so beautiful too and humble. They love God each one is so gentle.
 But mon can they dance and sing!

This boy turned eleven years old the very day I took this picture, what a meaningful life he has at such a young age!.

 The drummers are so good too they really keep a beat and keep the show  moving!

Mary Phenona is so pretty! She has dimples and dances like a gogo girl!
But even better, because she does it all for the Lord!

This girl was so sweet she stole my heart. Maria Monica.

These boys not only dance in unison but they also do some impromptu, very impressive!!!

Such a prayerful show.

They do two to four shows a days, truly amazing!

Human angels, all of them!

This show filled me with the Holy Spirit!

This beautiful child also simply kept my eyes!

Gilbert, all the ladies love him! He has great spirit and is a prayer warrior.

Even the girls play the drums, and very well too!!!

They smile the whole time!

This is the wedding garb of Uganda.

Isn't he a handsome groom!

So cute!

Thank you Destiny Africa, you have renewed my heart!I will love and pray for each of you always!!!!

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