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Monday, November 4, 2013

Update on bids and those that still need one!

The eleven paintings below all have bids placed upon them! Yeah!!! However this not not preclude them from being rebid which means if you really like one of these simply contact me at
letting me know one of these paintings is of interest to you and then make a bid, remembering the beginning bid on all paintings is $50.dollars, so chances are these are all at least $55. dollars or more already so bid higher and I will email you back to let you know if you are currently the winning bid or if you need to bid higher.

Africa Loves America and Jesus

King of Kings

Sunny Thought

Lion of Judah

I Love the Lord 

I love Africa My Mother Land

Tree of Life

When I grow UP

Painting by Haslam.This is the piece I am personally bidding on, I just love it! You too may also try to win this even from me though!!!

Monkeying Around

so the remaining paintings that still await their first bids are below:

Remember when you are emailing me to request a bid or information on this auction be sure to write something about the painting in your subject line. Examples of this would be Destiny Africa art work, Children's paintings, Housing for children of Uganda, or something that lets me know what the content is about, another word serious stuff to save lives.
   This past weekend a child from Kampala Children's Centre died from Meningitis. Her name was Martine and she was a brilliant girl who had just turned 18. We are seriously considering using this money raised from the art to open a medical centre on the Kampala Children's centre grounds in Martine's memory. It has really effected so many that loved this young promising life.

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