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Thursday, December 26, 2013

My word for the year of 2014.

 For the past couple of years I have been choosing one word to sort of symbolize my goals, hopes or dreams. Choosing one word is kind of like asking God to take that word and teach you from it, and it's also a way of setting a goal or a focal point to your life for the year. Not something magical or unapproachable, just an opportunity for change.
  You don't have to choose a big or scary word but ya can if the feeling strikes. Like my word last year was "GREATNESS"! What did I learn though? Humility. What to choose this year then, a big word to learn how to be little, a little word to learn how to be big?I have thought about possibilities like: loyalty,faith, strength, justice, holiness, change. calmness, trust, there are so many good choices.
  I did get an auditory bible for Christmas which I intend to listen to in full. Does that sound overwhelming to some people? It does to me a little bit, but not as overwhelming as reading it from cover to cover. I am definitely more of a kinetic learner. So hearing and visualizing work better for me than simply reading on and on, although I have always respected good readers. Those people who love to read have such wonderful vocabularies and are interesting to learn from. They know a lot of things those who don't read a lot can't possibly learn as quickly. Very cool for me to be alive in the age of technology an audio bible what could be better?
  Alrighty then so my word for the year is going to be" BEGINNING"! I chose this word because the very first scripture in the beginning of the bible says: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1.1
   I also chose the word "Beginning" because I was praying about what word to chose and contacted Leslie Riley for a project she is doing on an  Illustrated quotes book. She gave me a choice of two quotes and the one I chose was so related to this but I cannot tell anyone yet what it is. it's definitely related to my process for this year though, of that I am certain!
  So here's to new beginnings and beginning where you are starting from here to the New Year to each new day. My we all learn to see each end as a new beginning, for when God is making us into His image every moment is new.

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