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Friday, January 31, 2014

This week my wee students finished two projects!

 I thought this verse went nice with the castle theme, like our mansions in heaven!
Such a little darling!

He wants castle soldiers to play with this now, don't forget to get them mom!

Love how Noah painted the bricks!
Their castle which I just love those cute faces peering through! Not sure if Gracie liked the black polka dots on the flags I added though! Sorry Grace.
Today we added bees wax and snowflakes!
 I found these neat guns that were for steam punk art, but knew Noah would just love them for his sheriff!!!

Close up these are so cool!

Handsome boy, talented artist!

she wanted it all and we let her! Look how wonderfully her precious canvas turned out!

She even matched with her sweater!!!


The more I get to see him art the more talented I see this boy really is!!!
Something else I have been doing for my son and his friends!

I love this little girls sweetness. She has her own mind too which I also love!!!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Canvas I made this week for NAMI

NAMI is the National  Alliance for the Mentally Ill. Where so many kind people come together- mostly volunteer and help those with mental illness or even families with those who are mentally ill. They also educate communities about mental illness. Help with job finding resources, education and so much more a very worthy organization to share our talents. Since I have mental illness I definitely see this as a place for me to give what I can, and share talents. I love the people and those in the community with mental illness.
  This is a painting I did from three photographs I got online, it is the building in Concord where NAMI performs many of it's duties and where loads of volunteers come to help try and give the mentally ill a better life.
The NAMI building

Friday, January 24, 2014

Today was art with Noah and Gracie!

Hand decorated Minion Aprons!
Last week I found these canvas aprons at A C Moores for only $2.99, I thought they would be a wonderful two fold art project. Not only did they get to decorate them but now they can also wear them to protect their cloths! First we poured paint into their hands and had them smooch them together then quickly turn them over onto their aprons edges. I was thinking they could so self portraits attached but Noah came up with the Minion idea!  Great idea so Grace followed suit but with her own girly twist! Love having a boy and a girl to make art with they are very different and both so much fun!!!! Their homework was to add anything they thought might spruce up those aprons. Noah liked his the way it was but Grace with moms help did all kinds of fun fancy additions. Like a pocket with a mouse dangling and hair braided and hanging down! I was thrilled to see them both so beautifully completed!

A closer view

Grace and Noah's wooden castle
 We started this castle right after Christmas time. Noah painted one side while Grace painted the other and so on until complete. Today we added the photographs with a matte gel medium, still more to come.

Look at these amazing blooming artists, I am so proud of their canvases they made today!
 I want to keep them both!

Castle showing Grace's side!

I believe these could sell as prints!
 Next week we will add wax to them.

Three cats and an owl on Graces work!
Don't you just love it!!!!! I do!

close up of face, love those lips!
First we painted the canvas white, then blue and carved into the blue with sticks.

Noah's dogie thought it was playing fetch!
"Hey wait dude that's my arm man!"
We drew onto the back of the collaged paper and cut those images out for the snow beings and tiny creatures.

Meowy has a bow in her hair, how cute is this?!!!
 Now you can see why I want them both!
We also added stamped images with white ink and blue acrylic paints, then glued on real twigs from my lilac bushes. Finally sealed them up with Golden's matte gel medium.

Excellent job Noah, Grace, and Melissa! Love you guys!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Todays art that I am making for a friend...

in Germany. We decided to swap canvases like a year ago. I asked her what she wanted a painting of and, she said a cockatiel! A cockatiel? Come on, something I know could have been easier and faster don't cha think? So I did this study of sketches and finally came up with a combination I liked. I also wanted to try it in another artist's style named Shannon Crandall. Not sure I capture Shannon's style but I do like the outcome. Wonder if Anna will like it?
 I studied their head dresses
 some of their cute looks
 their feet and eyeballs
 this was my favorite line drawing of the headdress
 in their natural settings
 in their unnatural settings with beloved pet owners
 speaking their native tongues, which are fat and black by the way!
 up close and personal
 smelling the roses? No daisies
 some fun in the trees
 on a perch
 and shouting!
 This is my result!
 When I was eleven a lady down the street had one of these as a pet. That bird could not only speak but did tricks and could roller skate as well!!! Cockatiels seem to be intelligent friendly characters!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I sent out all my winners packs today!

 So Tristan, Debi and Brenda be on the lookout for fun!!! I also sent out my Valentine Atc's to Nikki! Along with a hostess card for her and some chix goodies for other people in the swap!
  One of my friends wanted to see my snowpeople that were for sale so I made some videos of me showing them. Here they are if this works! Let me know if any of you want to purchase a set. Like I said before they are $25.00 dollars a set and ten dollars for shipping. If you get two sets I won't charge more then that for the shipment.
   That may seem high but it's actually a low price as most of these sets cost me more than half that to create! I am going to use the money for something generous or to visit the children in Uganda and do some healing art lessons with them. I want that with all my heart but am still waiting to see what God wants, my husband has to be on board with me going to Africa. Other things need to come to pass as well, so like I said I am waiting for God's confirmation doors opening etc etc... Please buy a set, and if you can't do that then say a prayer for me going!!!! I am waiting on the Lord to be sure it's where He wants me.
  Today I heard a sermon that was about waiting on God to place us where He wants us, and then in my devotional time I heard the message over again. Mentioning Lazarus and how his sister was mad at Jesus for allowing him to die. Jesus had a better plan though it was all in His timing, rather than simply heal the man He chose to wait four days after his death and raise him from the dead!
   Because God did the later rather than what the people "thought" ought to be done Jesus became much more popular! Which is why the people cheered Him as He rode the Donkey in on Palm Sunday! All for the glory of the Lord!!!! I simply want to serve God in the way He chooses, not in my own ways. Eventually these two ways can be the same. I am waiting on His guidance, His intentions, I want to glorify Him not myself.
  So here are the videos and my crazy

 And below is my fun with the art on Monday children! We worked on a castle!  My silly artist got paint on her nose!

words with snow people!

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