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Thursday, January 9, 2014

I sent out all my winners packs today!

 So Tristan, Debi and Brenda be on the lookout for fun!!! I also sent out my Valentine Atc's to Nikki! Along with a hostess card for her and some chix goodies for other people in the swap!
  One of my friends wanted to see my snowpeople that were for sale so I made some videos of me showing them. Here they are if this works! Let me know if any of you want to purchase a set. Like I said before they are $25.00 dollars a set and ten dollars for shipping. If you get two sets I won't charge more then that for the shipment.
   That may seem high but it's actually a low price as most of these sets cost me more than half that to create! I am going to use the money for something generous or to visit the children in Uganda and do some healing art lessons with them. I want that with all my heart but am still waiting to see what God wants, my husband has to be on board with me going to Africa. Other things need to come to pass as well, so like I said I am waiting for God's confirmation doors opening etc etc... Please buy a set, and if you can't do that then say a prayer for me going!!!! I am waiting on the Lord to be sure it's where He wants me.
  Today I heard a sermon that was about waiting on God to place us where He wants us, and then in my devotional time I heard the message over again. Mentioning Lazarus and how his sister was mad at Jesus for allowing him to die. Jesus had a better plan though it was all in His timing, rather than simply heal the man He chose to wait four days after his death and raise him from the dead!
   Because God did the later rather than what the people "thought" ought to be done Jesus became much more popular! Which is why the people cheered Him as He rode the Donkey in on Palm Sunday! All for the glory of the Lord!!!! I simply want to serve God in the way He chooses, not in my own ways. Eventually these two ways can be the same. I am waiting on His guidance, His intentions, I want to glorify Him not myself.
  So here are the videos and my crazy

 And below is my fun with the art on Monday children! We worked on a castle!  My silly artist got paint on her nose!

words with snow people!

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