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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Selling my snow people sets!

 They were costly to make and took a lot of effort. Made from vintage and antique salt and pepper shakers, the lids are their hats, some are silver some are heavy metals(like pewters), some are tin and some old plastics no longer made. many of the hats are their tops with actual thimbles on top of those!  The heads are made from Styrofoam balls with which I then paper mache over the top of, I then painted them with white gesso, drilled holes in their faces where the noses would go. Next I added their faces which were either tiny beads with small stick pins with glue on the end to hold for ever or I drew on them with sharpies giving them each their own endearing look. Some prim some grim some enthusiastic all very artistic! I then took shish- kabob skewers and sanded them to points, snapped em and sanded snapped em and sanded and painted them all orange, sticking them with glue into the drilled holes! After the faces were painted drawn, stuck with beads and noses I rolled them into snow glitter! This gave them more dimension and a snowy holiday look!  I gave some hair with wool or hairy snow colored fabric and others got flowers made of paper and fabric under their hats. Their hats were glued on with fabric glue and then the thimbles were added, for the fiesta resistance they got snow added to the hats and brims. Before I glued the heads onto the bottoms of the shakers I added really pretty bits and bauble into each shaker, crystal, marbles, glass bits, all kind of goodies!!! This gives them more weight and a shaking sound when moved, they are lively people!!!!
     Here are  the mediums I used on some of their outfits:.lace, felt, Swarovski crystals, beads,  baubles, twill, burlap, jean, printed fabrics, wool, some Jolees, stickers, velvet's, cotton lace, wool laces, ribbons,   lace ribbons, fat detailed ribbons, foam candy canes and candy pinwheels,, some got beards with fuzzy white fabric, some actually got breast implants under their dresses, ties and scarfs made of all types of fabrics and felts,some hats which are the tops to the shakers were switched to make them all more interesting and have better personalities, or snowmanalities, ric rac ribbons of all colors, metal bits for broaches and some multifaceted plastic chips made to look like crystal used for buttons and brooches, Victorian scrap angels wings, dimensional, snow, and antique buttons.
 The bottoms are variably made out of one or more of the following, crystal, sterling silver,pewter,glass, bevelled glass, led crystal, tin, silver plate, glass coated with some types of metals both silver and gold in color, milk glass,faceted crystal and faceted glass. Let it be noted these are no longer useful as salt and pepper shakers but are a piece of nostalgia in the form of a winter decoration.
 Shipping is ten dollars in the continental USA, more if elsewhere, I can put as many as two sets into one package and the shipping will remain the same. They will be wrapped well for safety. Remember snow people are not just for the holidays, they are good until the snow melts, and can also be used as Valentines or

Birthday gifts. Some are even dressed in hearts!
 Email me at : if you are interested in purchasing.

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