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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

This week in my art...

 I finished two top secret canvases, ten valentine ATC's, one ATC for my blog winner, and while doing all this listened to the audio bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy and part of Joshua! I have also created 100 note cards from the Destiny Africa paintings which will be on sale for the childrens' center. I am going to sell them in packs of ten for $20.00 dollars a package. My cost and all proceeds go to Uganda to Kampala Childrens' Center.
  I also found some more shakers for  next years snow people. That was on the way back from taking my college boys to the heart doctor had to have them checked for what my brother died from which was cardiomyopathy at age 28, about 16 &1/2 years ago. Thursday is my brothers birthday had he lived he would be turning 44. Still miss you Drew!!!
   We had strep throat earlier this week and got that treated for my wee one, he's all good now but his two besties have the stomach bug. Hopefully he won't get that and they will be better soon!!! Dad came over today for some human interaction and lunch- now he says his stomach feels woozy. Still somehow I am fine. Saying prayers for all the sickos in my life that they get well soon. My eldest took the car for his internship all day long up to UNH.   The middle boy got his grades from first semester at college today! 3.5 not bad for first semester!!!! Go Danny!!!!   Can't believe he turned 19 last week! Dad turned 78!! Happy birthday guys!
   My dog Molly is so old and every time she goes to sleep it's getting harder and harder to tell if she's just sleeping or dead, except when she snores! Now when she goes outside (which happens so frequently it's a bit maddening), she doesn't come back inside and it's freezing out~! We have to go looking for her and the past two times she's been curled up under the porch? Makes no sense since all she has to do is scratch the door like always and we let her in the house. I think she's gone senile, can a dog go senile? Rule is Molly doesn't go out anymore without her leash and her run! It's just too frigid out there! She's like an old furry lady with Alzheimer's or something.
  Nest time I post I will add my Valentine ATC's!

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