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Friday, January 31, 2014

This week my wee students finished two projects!

 I thought this verse went nice with the castle theme, like our mansions in heaven!
Such a little darling!

He wants castle soldiers to play with this now, don't forget to get them mom!

Love how Noah painted the bricks!
Their castle which I just love those cute faces peering through! Not sure if Gracie liked the black polka dots on the flags I added though! Sorry Grace.
Today we added bees wax and snowflakes!
 I found these neat guns that were for steam punk art, but knew Noah would just love them for his sheriff!!!

Close up these are so cool!

Handsome boy, talented artist!

she wanted it all and we let her! Look how wonderfully her precious canvas turned out!

She even matched with her sweater!!!


The more I get to see him art the more talented I see this boy really is!!!
Something else I have been doing for my son and his friends!

I love this little girls sweetness. She has her own mind too which I also love!!!!

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