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Friday, January 24, 2014

Today was art with Noah and Gracie!

Hand decorated Minion Aprons!
Last week I found these canvas aprons at A C Moores for only $2.99, I thought they would be a wonderful two fold art project. Not only did they get to decorate them but now they can also wear them to protect their cloths! First we poured paint into their hands and had them smooch them together then quickly turn them over onto their aprons edges. I was thinking they could so self portraits attached but Noah came up with the Minion idea!  Great idea so Grace followed suit but with her own girly twist! Love having a boy and a girl to make art with they are very different and both so much fun!!!! Their homework was to add anything they thought might spruce up those aprons. Noah liked his the way it was but Grace with moms help did all kinds of fun fancy additions. Like a pocket with a mouse dangling and hair braided and hanging down! I was thrilled to see them both so beautifully completed!

A closer view

Grace and Noah's wooden castle
 We started this castle right after Christmas time. Noah painted one side while Grace painted the other and so on until complete. Today we added the photographs with a matte gel medium, still more to come.

Look at these amazing blooming artists, I am so proud of their canvases they made today!
 I want to keep them both!

Castle showing Grace's side!

I believe these could sell as prints!
 Next week we will add wax to them.

Three cats and an owl on Graces work!
Don't you just love it!!!!! I do!

close up of face, love those lips!
First we painted the canvas white, then blue and carved into the blue with sticks.

Noah's dogie thought it was playing fetch!
"Hey wait dude that's my arm man!"
We drew onto the back of the collaged paper and cut those images out for the snow beings and tiny creatures.

Meowy has a bow in her hair, how cute is this?!!!
 Now you can see why I want them both!
We also added stamped images with white ink and blue acrylic paints, then glued on real twigs from my lilac bushes. Finally sealed them up with Golden's matte gel medium.

Excellent job Noah, Grace, and Melissa! Love you guys!

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