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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day, to all my lovies out there in blog land!

I almost sat on this which is ironic because once I eat it I will be sitting on it! Thanks honey!
Guess after I said I didn't need jewellry he thought a giant box of chocolates was getting off easy?

To two of my sweethearts!
One of my sweeties has a lot of allergies, so I had to look in four stores before I found the smarties he loves so much! These are mason jars I filled with candy they love and then decorated the outside with paper tape and felt and old buttons plus a neat pin cushion on top. Later after the candy is gone they can fill them, with a tiny sewing kit.

I sewed their names into the tops after they eat their candies it can be mini sewing kits with a pin cushion on top!

My hubby gave me one dozen roses. they smell so fresh and divine!

My son had a snow day so together we made Valentine cookies! Yummers!
 My son decorated these with sprinkles and candies after I made the cookies and frosted them. He also helped cutting them with the cookie cutters, it was fun. I like it when my cookie is home with me. This made Valentines day extra special. I gave him a lego gift , a giant Hershey kiss, and a sweet little love tolken from the dollar store..
After dinner comp time!!!!

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