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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Monoprints with my gelli plate!

first monoprint
second monoprint
third monoprint
fourth monoprint

OK so I took a class with Carla S. She showed us a neat way to do animals with the gelli plate! I love how my owls came out! With the first one I simply added a penciled tree and leaves after the print and then painted the background gray. On the second monoprint I added a tree into the gelli plate and reprinted with a few additional colors. Then the moon too! The third one began to dry so I spritzed it with water and reprinted, it came out nice and blurry like with vivid colors.  I added some gesso and additional sharpening paint, gave him some gold in his eyes!  The last one was light but had really neat markings like filigree in the colors. On all of them for final touches I added liquid graphite and the tiniest bit of black ink. Gave the second one drooping eyelids! So even though they all originated from the same gelli print they also have their own personalities! Thanks Carla!

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