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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

To all my Jewish friends and anyone who celebrates the Siddur!

Happy Passover! I pray on a regular basis for the joy and prosperity of Israel!!!! May we all return to the safety and freedom in our Lord!May we seek His face daily and know that He loves us and cares deeply for all the details of our lives!!! Amen

Monday, April 14, 2014

My friend gave me tickets to see "The Siddur Project"

Here are some of the photos that I took from that experience.
  I can't remember all the players names but they were all really excellent at what they were doing, playing and making art and dancing. Fulfilling the work of God through prayerful music in such a lovely manner.
I just adored this dancer,but she was difficult to capture on film! So theatrical and precious! 

Julie Lavender the star performer of the night. She writes and paints and does amazing prayerful work in so many ways. Some people we are just blessed to know and have met she is one of them.

What a fantastic cellist this woman was.
So much soul in her playing and movements, she danced with her instrument. I could paint her all day!
Two of Julie's paintings, to symbolize the Siddur.

This guy played percussion's and some  instruments I didn't even know existed. One thing that amazed me about his playing is the position in which he did so much and a beautiful drum solo from a hunched over position. Amazing!

Not sure what all this guy played either he called his instrument a liquorice stick!
He had three or four different types too though. I loved his spirit, at one point he went dancing off stage to his family and just seemed like a dancing teddy bear to me! So much talent!
That girl is young , talented and beautiful. I have never seen anyone do such a pretty solo on a recorder. Now I know that isn't a recorder she has here but she played the recorder as well at some points. I would be so proud if I were her mom.

More Julie paintings! This diptych symbolizes the structure of the rules in the Siddur and then how after one obeys these rules set by God for communication and relationship how the Spirit of God comes flowing through His people.

My sweet friend Tina an angelic backup singer. She really does have the voice of an angel. Thanks for this experience Tina!

Here next to Julie are two people who do  very useful intense work with children who are used in sex trade. They really have done amazing work here in Nh to stop the sex trade industry. Making the experience of coming forward for the children a lot less scary and more personal. Thanks guys I appreciate this so much. The children are our future all of ours! All of them! The profits from this show went to stop the sex trade here in Nh!

This guy was so jazzy on the ivories, he had a great smile too and made my heart happy!

Pouring her heart into her work. What an admirable person Julie is to watch.

Tina is a good friend to Julie and they have so much in common they even look like they are related!!!
Tina has also a wonderful stage presences and abilities galore!
I want to paint this picture so beautiful!

I sat next to this gentleman while he sat out a few songs. Nice guy and a trombone and flute player. Reminded me so much of my sweet late brother who also played the trombone. I would post a picture of him playing that but I could never get his face!

The jazzy teddy bear!

Look at her hands and all she holds when all she has is spirit! Love that! What a muse!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Today I started instructing art at the Club House!

Here are some neat pictures of the experience so far.
Sean my lovely assistant!

Love how Sean went organic to geometric!

Like looking through bevelled windows!

Cheerful work!

became so intense!

Such a joy to have in class!


Love this close up!

Reminds me of a print!

This is my mess so far!

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