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Sunday, April 6, 2014

I am not a serial doll killer....

but can you guess what I am doing? Rather in the process of beginning to do? Here's what my studio looks like these days! It's a really twisted looking scenario and I am loving it too!
Have had this one for years now, she just keeps her eyes on my studio waiting to be enchanted.

He was found yesterday from an old friend I saw unloading her hospital good into her store casing! Thanks Robin!!!

These are some of my hospital babies, getting ready to be altered!

I fell in love with the African doll here though she is missing some digits I still love her.

Some free finds and some not so free ones!

Keeping her bagged to make sure no possible bugs invade my studio before I decapitate her for other uses! hahaha!

I just love how they look and feel and make my life feel , I loved dolls so much as a child who would have knowns one day I would be recreating them?

Something about knowing they were loved by a child for years and years makes them so endearing to me.

 So this week I have been working on my paintings and collecting parts for my next adventure of altering old dolls I was obviously destined for this project because as a child my dolls were often my only friends and confidants. My dolls were destroyed and sent to the dumps when I started off on my own so I am now adopting other peoples throw aways to give them new life. Hopefully soon I will know exactly what to do and where to start with how to reconstruct some of the more damaged babies.

 I am no longer showing my latest piece of acrylic art work as I am hoping she will be published. I want my followers to know what I decided to name her though and here's her latest unfinished self I am will to show. Her title came to me in a moment of reflection and it is: " Generous Spring"!
Generous Spring

 She is all about sacrificing freely and Psalm 54, David is our Psalmist so his name is all through this piece. More to be written about her if I get the publication approval!
   Other things I have been doing this week are planning a class I am teaching with the mentally ill of NH. Since I too have mental illness I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for us all. I will be teaching 2 hours a week at Granite Pathways a clubhouse here in Manchester NH. I am charging a mere  $25.00 dollars for ten weeks of instruction an 18 x 24 inch canvas, three brushes, and all the necessary paints. I will also be sharing my art tools to be used for etching and carving. The class is fairly small up to 8 others and I have one assistant as well. I will be bringing along the easels my father built for me that sit upon a table so it's going to be awesome. I really look forward to seeing to joys of others unfold as we go along.
There was also an open house at the Granite Pathways, some they(we) do to introduce others to the program and to assist in our fund raising.I was located in the art and wellness center where I gave a speech to each tour given .  My speech basically entailed the hopes for our art class and future auction of the canvases we create. Everything done through the club house is to promote education. employment, support and self sustaining of the mentally ill of NH!
  Oh and while I was there one of the NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) came through to teach a family to family education class. She had in her car one of my printed art works in a frame to show me for the awards ceremony this week! It made me so happy and was so beautiful! Thanks Ellen!
 In addition to this prep for the art class I did a short amount of volunteering at the elementary school book fair. I had such a nice time with the children here in Milford. I really love kids. I was happily surprised to see how much their parents are willing to invest into books and reading for their future! Yeah Milford moms and dads!!!!!
 I am also planning my youngest sons tenth birthday party sleepover Every year I say it's the last and somehow it happens again. Cake, pizza, ice cream, snacks and pancakes for breakfast. Though I am not sure why it's going to be called breakfast as there will be no fasting and most likely no sleeping either. Lots of nerf gun wars,m gaming,running around outside if the weather permits, I also usually do a small art project for a calm moment. HA!

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