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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Here's the work I did from God!

To the children of Uganda, in memory of Martina and all the children of Africa who need medical care. The money this piece raises will go towards a medical center in Kampala Uganda!

This work is being auctioned off next week at The Newport RI yacht club.
They are having a fundraiser to raise  $70,000.00 dollars for a medical center for the children and town people of Kampala Uganda. I pray with all my heart this comes to fruition. I have to say Americans are very generous people when the cause is worthy, and they know the money is going where it should. To a kind and grateful people!
Some people who knew her called her Martine and others called her Martina! She was kind and generous of heart, everyone loved her. She died last year at the young age 18 of meningitis. One thing we know for sure, she's in heaven with the Lord!

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