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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Part of my biblical series paintings. There will be 4

in the series and this is the not quite finished number three. Exodus.
The first letter in the word Exodus!
So far I have painted with added mixed media Genesis, Noah, and now Exodus! Here the letters are down the painting and in a stone like feel, special pumice media for that effect! God's Holy Spirit moves around the E and Mose's hand is sort of holding up the tablets(which are not quite finished still needing the commandments). I tried to make the skin color so everyman could relate to this human being as moses. Not white or black sort of middle Eastern looking which has a sense of either any or all mankind!

 Here you see the "X" is right on top of Mose's face since he was chosen by God Himself for the task at hand, as were all the Jewish people!
 In the "O" are the Jews rejoicing in their freedom through raised hands and prayers! Mose's beard is wrapped around them in protection. Also you can see the snakes tongue here as a symbol of power from listening to God!
 Here is the letter "D" the Egyptians who are trying to re enslave or kill the Jews are
trying to escape God's wrath, Their horses are bucking and the people are running in fear of being drowned but the Egyptians will not escape!

Her in the "U" we see the staff of Moses and his head wrap blowing in the winds, the chariots and the men of Egypt not faring well, as the waves begin to crash in on them!

The last letter of the painting is the "S" in the word Exodus and as you can see the Egyptians are drowning
 and Mose's beard has turned from soft  white trellises into a raging sea enveloping the Egyptians
Mose's staff turned into a snake!

Still much to do with Every Man's Moses! This is slightly blurry I will show better full photos when finished!
as they try to run and escape further!

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