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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy fathers day all you dads!

My dad, my husband and two of our three children went to "The Outback"  for a luncheon today. Number one had to work, sorry son. The waitress was very nice but I thought the food was gross this time. Everything seemed so salty compared to usual, the salad was wilted and the croutons were stale! Nasty! I really wanted chicken and shrimp and they don't serve that anymore without an extra charge. So I got a filet which I had planned to only eat part of and then give the rest to hubby but they forgot the shrimp. So I never got the shrimp until almost the end of my meal, and they didn't taste right to me either. The cheesecake was good though! Yuck I'd rather stay home!!! Hope my dad and hubby know they are loved.
      I am also working on this painting for a friend of mine. I have known her for 12 years but we lost touch for a while, now I see her again whenever I go to the CLUBHOUSE. She has had a hard life but has an optimistic personality makes you love being around her, she's always fun even when things are really trying for her.
  She might be getting her daughter back soon after losing her do to a seizure disorder amongst other things she had no control over. She's very good with children.  I think her little girl would be best with her sweet mama.
   Her birthday is coming soon and she asked me to make her a
My poison ivy is getting better!

painting as she has nothing for her apartment walls. She loves Jesus, and goes to church often so this is what I am making for her. Not quite finished but I love how it looks so far! Hope she does too!
Happy Birthday Amanda!

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