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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I finished the painting for the Granite Pathways Clubhouse auction!

The title of the painting is : ":The Butterfly Grate!"
 This is from the class I taught at the clubhouse for the mentally ill in Manchester NH. The class is not over yet but my piece is already finished. Now I can lend my full time to the other students in the class. The pieces will be getting auctioned of at a $50.00 dollar start bid. That first fifty goes to the clubhouse as it is a work oriented day and anything done in the clubhouse is towards that goal. Teaching and encouraging those in NH with mental illness or who are mentally challenged to be and become working productive members in our society. Through educating them with their strengths and gifts, and also job search.This includes many check points and stations like a college education as many of the mentally ill are brilliant peeps!There is also peer support  and encouragement something many of us with mental illness may never have experienced before. A great confidence builder and place to go where others are accepting of who we are and not judgemental. A full 5 day a week plus free program that is privately funded here in NH. Not only does the program teach cooking skills and clean up but they actually provide an affordable daily lunch.  Meetings go on daily as it is a business mode, where they plan the day and functions there of. Planning fund raisers and business meetings with reach out programs for those who may be missing and need extra encouragement, Reach out is also made to the community, to educate not only about those with mental illness and mental illness itself but also to involve the community as being part of our support system and us being a part of what makes a community run more smoothly. Mentally ill people have a lot to offer such as brilliant art and musical abilities that often surpass the talents of those without these issues. We have so much to offer and the clubhouses are places where we can learn how to share with others things that make the world a better place. In a world that is often full of chaos and ostracizing of those who are different where bullying and finger pointing cause nothing but shame and loathing it is refreshing to know places like the clubhouse exist for the good of all!
   After the first 50.00 dollars are bid the next amount will go half back into the art program for future projects and the other half to the artist him/herself. Not only is this an incentive to thrive with others but also a way to encourage more involvement with working and reaching our goals not only as a group but personally as well!
There's a house in the background

...And loads of flowers!!!

A man picking apples from his apple tree with his sweet doll house chair holding three more apps!

There are three mysterious doors the central door is painted red. An iron grate balcony off to the upper side, neat shadows and light reflections throughout!!!!

The colors are loud and busy like my mind always is but the flow happens. I have used orange flowers to take you on a trip through the garden in my mind!

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