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Sunday, June 1, 2014

My last post of the day...

This has been a rough week for me and my family. My dad was very sick near death in the hospital with lung and heart trouble, my mom had foot surgery, my aunt was also in the hospital.
  My dog of 15 years had to be put to sleep as her systems were failing. We miss you Molly!
My car had to go into the shop and is still there, to be ready on Monday. Costly for me.
 On a positive note I want you all to meet our new puppy Camille Josephine Burgess. She is a miniature Goldendoodle and almost as smart as Molly was. Plus just as sweet! Here's a picture of the two dogs together before Molly had to leave to meet Jesus at the gates of heaven for the best doggie treat ever. I think dogs go to heaven and all pets we love too! It's not in the bible just something I choose to believe.

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