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Monday, June 23, 2014

Today I made no art!

I woke up, made my ritualistic cup o' java, read my bible, and then went crazy pruning my lilac bushes! I don't think we are supposed to do that in this time and season but I don't care. I hate when the bushes are taller than me so chop chop chop off went their heads and most of the foliage. Who cares they grow like weeds and next year they'll be strong than ever.
I pruned the lilac bushes because I don't like them to grow taller than me! Next year there will be more foliage and flowers so don't worry!
  Then the pool man came and filled our 18 foot around four foot deep pool. My hubby fixed the hole yesterday a mouse chewed into it and so thought we would be all set! Not the case, three more pinpoint holes in the sides of the round device I now consider my torture chamber of horrors!!!! Yes I said it, the swimming pool we mainly fill for our ten year older at 215.00 dollars for water only not including the scid balancers is a torture device for me. There I was freaking out watching as my 215.00dollars trickled through the pools sides. Also some gushing through the filter connections as well! No one to help me. only my ten year older was home. Hubby had his car and was gone until later than usual because of son number twos new job making minimum wage at sears! Number one son had my car for his bag boy job at Market basket, none would be home for hours. I tried calling dad in thoughts he could whip over with a repair kit and his plumber skills, aaaaah but no! He only has availability when there's dog poops everywhere to be cleaned!
  So here I was jumping in the fresh squeezed freezing Milford water. Shock had set in and I thought if it weren't for my frugility this wouldn't even be happening. I was able to patch one spot but the others were impossible. The second spot was very tiny and way at the bottom of the pool I even somehow got dizzy trying to fix that one. Finally I simply clamped off the filter outlets with stoppers and then duct taped the others with x's on them in black pen so my husband could redo them as soon as he got home!
 I do not handle stress well because my son was asking me if I was mad at him. I was being very grumpy about this whole endeavor. So I reassured him I was not angry at him rather it was the stress of all the cost and then watching the money pour out the holes. I said: "I guess I need to see it as more of an adventure!" "Adventure" he exclaimed! "Yes" said I,the adventure is this: to see if the holes could indeed be plugged before the $ 215.00 DOLLARS worth of water all ran out of the pool! He laughed and thought that funny! I wasn't laughing much though!
   I even tried to get him to go into the pool and take a patch down to the bottom for me but he would have none of it the boy who is usually our fish! Too cold said he and with refusal got out of the pool!~ I tried shouting him back into the pool , threatening him back into the pool even bribing him back but nothing would work! I finally faced the fact he was too young to help me. I was in this and in the pool alone now.

A success since there's still water in our pool!
 I did the best I could and hubby finally came home with a kit. One lousy kit and he's still out there now trying to fix one hole! Guess I have to go help him now! He's the one getting in the pool this time I tell ya!

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