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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Finally finished my postage art for the swap with my art sisters!

 So here you can see I used actual postage stamps in each of these mixed media canvas pieces.

I also used painted over magazine pictures thus making the art my own. Totally unrecognizable.

I also used acrylic paints!

I used gesso, aqua crayons, torn pieces of snail mail that had been previously sent to me, matte medium to adhere my pieces, some other clip art, like the boy on the forehead. Then some faux postage stamping with embossing was achieved. Wet raised embossing powders were used with archival ink.

 I even used a tag from a towel we got from KOHL'S Department store, of course painted over as well!

In addition I also printed out fonts from my own computer from famous quotes or my own ideas.

  I used some body parts from clip art and then added with my own hand drawn parts. Even some scraping papers like on the mermaid picture. Some pearls for the drawn on flowers.

 I love this piece might be adding some Steampunk work still to it as well!?!!

I love this cello art because I have five  special friends who either play cello themselves or their children do, all are males!!! This piece it also stating how important it is that we share our gifts with others. God gave us these gifts for a reason we must sing for our supper and sometimes for the supper's of others we love and care about. How wonderful a feeling that we can use our gifts in such generous ways!

In this cat picture I had drawn a large picture of our cat Grayson and decided to collage it into this piece. I chose some butterfly postage stamps and some other types because they just fit for me. Whenever I say prayers or "Jesus loves you to my cats" I swear they smile! I know, I am a crazy cat lady but still I do think the animals innately know to love their maker. 
I seal my work with Golden's gel medium.

I was inspired years ago to make postage art by a guy named Nick Bantock, who is an exceptional postage artist! Although these particular works are for a swap with a few friends.

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