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Friday, December 19, 2014

Winner of the Dickensian was:

Congratulations Nancy!

He he he Best prize ever!
Now you can say you won a true hand made"little Dickens"!

Come and get it!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My sons school project this week!

He had to make a homemade gift as a secret santa for a peer in his classroom.  She said she loved softball, teal, neon and light green. So first he drew her a beautiful picture and we put that in a used mail tube. Then we made her an ornament that is actually a baseball, it says "Merry Christmas on one side of the ball with her name at the end, and on the other side it says"RED SOX NATION!" Then at the bottom for a base we used an ornament with the date 2009 on it because that was when they met in kindergarten and it's shaped like a heart! Lastly we wrapped it in tin foil and duct tape and added the face and a candy cane in its hand, to emulate The Statue of Liberty! My son and I both worked very hard on this and he is so proud on how it came out. This morning I drove him into school so he could put it into class without her knowing who it was! Hope she loves it as much as we did!! She's one of my favorite children, both her parents are the nicest people and both artistsas well!

Friday, December 12, 2014

OK am hating this Holiday prep time right now!

Am I allowed to say that? Does it make me a Scrooge or a Grinch? Perhaps it just makes me every mom in America this time of the year! Geesh yesterday I spent like seven hours writing my first Christmas letter ever, and it's so bad. The pages are out of order and I have grammatical errors and misspelled word galore. I am sending it the way it is too, ink costs too much to redo all that work. So hope all the people I love enough to send a crappy letter to can understand and not judge me too much. Seriously hope you can understand my letter! LOL  Here's my BAH HUMBUG picture for the day! Since I had no time yesterday for art. They are the leftover candy canes my dad brought for the Santa shoes I made him. Yup I stole the broken ones and ate em all last night except these two out of sheer frustration and need for some " Holiday Sugar"! It's a for sure thang no one was going to kiss me with that mood I was in after hours of dealing with "Office Seven and a slow 11 year old computer that will not
Christmas crap I love to eat! Thanks DAD!
 do the thing I need when I need it!!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Made my dad a little something to hang on his doorway!

I was thinking of doing up a pair of old ice skates but he needed something lighter. Had to go on a hunt, so went to the local consignment shoppe called "Consignments For Good", a really neat place with an excellent giving back direction. Owned by Joan Dargie and family, really active folks in the community.
  Anyways I found a three dollar pair of extremely light santa boots and turned em into Santa iceskaters! With a generous taste of Christmas candy canes inside!!! Dad seemed to like the idea.

 I also hung them with twill and a small microslide by Arty Chix with a Santa inside, his face on one side and an entire Santa on the other so either way it lands it's still cute! Added a few silvery white Christmas pom poms to the laces and similar glitz onto the blades for Party Zing! Marry Christmas Dad and everyone!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Dirty Little Dickensians! Do you want to win one?

To have your chance at winning one of these darling ornaments simply leave a message and an email for contacting you should you win the random draw, I will be pulling a number to a name on the 15th of Dec. You can have two chances to win by leaving one comment here on this blog,and one of my facebook page. I will announce the winner on both places and mail you your " Dirty Little Dickensian"! Son't forget to leave your email address for contact should you win!

They are also great gift and are  for sale at$ten dollars a piece, plus$ 2.50 dollars in shipping in the continental USA ONLY. Email me at if  you ARE interested in purchasing one or more.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Turn arounds I call them but they are actually small...

wrapped canvases, sized 4x4 and 6x6!Each of these small lovelies took hours to make and are quite detailed. They start out as  a small canvas and then I apply layer after layer. The first layer is an actual antique page or pages from books like the Christmas Coral and other antique books that were tattered so given new life!
North Pole Penguin 4X4

The back of North Pole Penguin

Paper Chain memories 4x4

back of Paper Chain Memories

 I add all kinds of handmade decorations and store bought as well as antique assundries. Examples of these are tiny antique rubber and celluloid baby dolls for the Jesuses, ornaments, hand made teeny tiny paper chains, itty bitty stars, painted penguins with modelling paste hats, paper signs, embossing powders, acrylic paints, crayon d'ache crayons, graphite pencil;, charcoals,  lace papers, embellished snowflakes both buttons and other types,stamped images,ink pad edgings, burlap, hand dyed yarns, gold and silver threads, bells,Jolee's embellishments,antique doll house candles, beeswax, tissue paper and modelling paste to form paper mache like relief imaging, gesso,an actual sewing needle,stencil bits with modelling paste for relief and then painted over,various water base glues as well as sparkling glitter for snow effects,paper hanging bits, polymer clays, hand sculpted goodies, peppermint twines,watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons, plastic tiny snowmen,images from Artchix Studio as well as Collage stuff studio,wooden antlers, hanging glass and metal beads,Victorian scrap and German scrap papers,printed word generated from my computer, music sheets, and cut and paste words at random for fun again from antique books.

December 4x4

Back of December
One Love One Light 6x6

Back of One Love One Light

Popcorn Stringing 4x4

Back of Popcorn Stringing

Star of David

Side of Star of David

Back of Star of David
Mary with Child

Baby Jesus with Butterfly of Hope

All three together

Backs of all three with ANTIQUE DOLLS

Everybody has a spectacular Christmas Story to Tell

Spectacular back
The birthday to Remember 6x6

Back of the birthday(the birth)
Caroling at Carol's front 4x4
side of Carol's

Top of Carols
other side of Carol's

Back of Carol's

Bob Crachit
bottom front of Bab's
back of Bob's

Back of Bobs 6x6

Crachit and Scrooge

Back of Cratchit and Scrooge

another close up of back

close up of Cratchit and Scrooge

Scrooge the Snowman with beer stein and Turkey

Back of Scrooge snowman
Three Caroler's

Showing the caroler's legs

Top of the three Caroler's

Back of Caroler's with angel and mystery image behind angel of more caroling angels surrounded by angel hair clouds!Add caption
 All work is sealed in matte gel medium and therefore archival, some has beeswax as well, all are for sale. Prices range from 20.00 dollars to 55.00 dollars(depending on time and supplies used), this does not include shipping. Email me at if interested in purchasing one or more(please place interested in purchasing Turn around in the URL). All are one of a kind so when gone there will not be another made. Thanks again for looking hope you enjoyed, Sanna

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