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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The winners of my giveaways are as follows...

   I went into random .org and put in number 1-56 three times and this is how it went. First entry gave me number 11 the name linked with that number is Brenda Mendenhall! So yeah Brenda you win the big box of goodies!!!! The two sets of salt and pepper snow people, the two magazines, the book, the scraps for snow people, the valentine girl and her hutch and the valentines cloth hearts and some felt hearts, the five ATC'S the little trinkets, and the metal box.
   My number two winner is number 56, which is Tristan Robin Blakeman! Can ya believe it?  Tristan wins the two 5x7" original pieces of art and one 8x10" print of his choice, plus my charity limited edition business card!
  The third and last winner of my New Years giveaway is Debbie Minter, and she wins the rocks and my first ATC of 2014(which I will make tomorrow)!
Congratulations folks, and a Happy New Year to you all!!!  May 2014 be a great new beginning for all of us!!!! Love you my sweets, Sanna

Well, I didn't get ten more comments...

but I got a few really sweet ones so here's my last fun surprise! I will randomly draw for this one too and it will come with my first ATC from 2014! Rock on you precious friends of mine, and know you are all artists within and that bond between us means so much to me.However if you do not even approach fine art out of fear or because someone once told you you were not an artist... then I challenge you this year to put that lie behind you and create! Art is medicine for the soul given to us by the greatest creator of them all, given to all of us not just a few chosen. This year is a new beginning for us all! Hope it's your Happiest New Year! Kisses, Sanna!!!
You are an artist!

An artista/o!
best year yet, and thanks for playing with me on my blogger! 

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