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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Todays art that I am making for a friend...

in Germany. We decided to swap canvases like a year ago. I asked her what she wanted a painting of and, she said a cockatiel! A cockatiel? Come on, something I know could have been easier and faster don't cha think? So I did this study of sketches and finally came up with a combination I liked. I also wanted to try it in another artist's style named Shannon Crandall. Not sure I capture Shannon's style but I do like the outcome. Wonder if Anna will like it?
 I studied their head dresses
 some of their cute looks
 their feet and eyeballs
 this was my favorite line drawing of the headdress
 in their natural settings
 in their unnatural settings with beloved pet owners
 speaking their native tongues, which are fat and black by the way!
 up close and personal
 smelling the roses? No daisies
 some fun in the trees
 on a perch
 and shouting!
 This is my result!
 When I was eleven a lady down the street had one of these as a pet. That bird could not only speak but did tricks and could roller skate as well!!! Cockatiels seem to be intelligent friendly characters!

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