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Monday, February 10, 2014

The tapestry that Wood Icing makes!

I used a Stadler black ink pen and a black sharpie to write the words over and over with each new layer, trying to get just the right outcome.

 I will eventually seal it with Golden gel Matte medium I think, possibly a glossy because that would look so cool and make the dimension's really pop!

 OK so now I have added a layer of wood icing and than painted over that. Thus the butterfly effect!! How cool is that? I just love how it came out! I also added bits on the apples to give them a little swirl, some on the noses to make them more three dimensional, and if you look closely you can see it in the lion's mane and all through out over the leaves and even on the fingers of the hands!
Next to God is the tree of Life, God is "The Word", and next to Eve is the tree of "Knowledge of good and evil".

You can see here that God's hand encompass "The Garden of Eden", and outside of them is a symbolic earth design. This is to show God made everything, plus I love how everything exists inside of itself. God, man and the universe are from one being, yet  we are not bound by one dimension. There is so much more, it is both physical and spiritual.
I had to add the whispering snake who tempted Eve who tempted Adam.Nasty snake and look at that smirk!

Look at the textures from the wood icing topped with acrylic paint.
I signed it already but still have more to add!

I thought and though about how to cover the Eve's bottom. My eyes kept going to the main of the male lion and so my butterflies are mimics of the lions main.

My husband came over to the painting and said: "Adams foot is broken looking"!
 I said: "Ya so?" Many of my works have twisted body parts. I love how they make you think and ask questions, in this case think about it. God put Adam to sleep and then he created Eve out of Adams rib. Adam did not feel a thing how do we even know what his body looked like when this was being done? Plus I thought it made for more drama in fitting Adam into my painting!

I am enjoying this process and watching the outcome, and praying for divine inspiration as I go along.

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