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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Here's 40 things you may not know about me!

me and my lion
1. I was bitten by an actual lion once! When I was visiting the Island off Tenerife of the coast of Africa.(it was only a cub, and if ya paid the owner ten dollars you could have your picture taken with it!)
not me, not my lion

2. I won the bubble gum blowing contest in kindergarten(the prize was a box of Bazooka Joe chewing gum).
me at five years old
3. I lived in Italy for two years.
me feeding the pigeons in Roma
4. I have a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art with a concentration in sculpture from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.
5. I served one term in the USAF( so that I could pay off my college loans)
me in Italy right after my bad experience, thank God for my sweet Italian friends!
6 I have a Masters of Science in Counseling in Human Development with a 4.0 cumulative average.
7. My first born child was conceived through fertility drugs.
when I was not able to get pregnant I did daycare and this was my first child, her mother died from cancer three days after she was born,her name was Karen and I adored her. Wherever you are Karen I still love you!
8.My super power is olfactory and my ability to smell has saved our life several times because I could smell gas leaks when no one else could not even the professionals.
9. The two houses I have lived in as a married women were both built by builders we hired. I have never owned an older home.
10. After we sold our first house the man who bought it shot his wife in the head in the bedroom I used to sleep in. Very haunting.
11. After we moved when I was in Junior High School the room I stayed in the girl who stayed there next hung herself.
12. I was attacked by a Baboon once when I was living in Italy.
13. I won an award at the end of High School for being the most improved outstanding student.
my three sons in 2004
14. I tried three times to get a girl baby and now I have three boys, none of which I ever regretted.
me at age 18
15. I was raped when I was in the military and now I am a disabled veteran with the diagnoses of PTSD because of that, but the man who raped me(Elijah Harold Williams) is a second almost third term judge now.
16. I am a born again Christian since 1970.
17.Therefore I believe the entire bible is God breathed and God inspired.
18. I am still a sinner.
my dad when he was eight
19.I love all mankind, I hold no grudges against anyone, and I am an empath with a huge heart for the needs of others. I give when I can and believe no one ever went poor from giving to the poor. I have given the shoes off my feet and would easily do so again!
20. My baby brother died suddenly was he was only 28 years old from a heart attack 16 years ago. Miss you Drew!
21. I am blessed enough to still have both of my parents at more than a half century old myself.
22.I believe there are two kinds of people in the world hunters and gatherers. I am a gatherer. I love to collect and half the fun is finding things I think are precious, turning them into art,then later giving them away to others. Sometimes if I am extra blessed I sell stuff.
23. The most I ever sold a piece of art for was $1500.00 dollars.
24. I once broke the entire wall in a bathtub simply by standing up when my buttocks hit the soap dish., and I was skinny then too!
25. I raised a squirrel as my pet in 1990 because his mama died and a cat tried to eat him, his name was: Baby Butch Burgess
me and my pet squirrel
26. I love to share with people who have less then me or need encouragement, to me giving is more fun the receiving, but I like that too!
27. I have been married for 25.5 years!
me is Paris
28. I visited Paris once for two weeks when I was 36 and  made a painting while there for a guy I met who lived in Paris but was from Brazil he was a doctor studying the effects of AIDS on globalism, and he framed my painting! W e wrote for some time but then I stopped. He was a nice person. My painting was a self portrait of my topless dancing in front of the Eiffel Tower, and I titled it: Ecstasy in Paris! He and I were only friends.
29. My great grandmother was the first women to go to the top of the sears tower, which was the worlds tallest building at that time in 1913.
30..  I once knocked myself out racing my friend Scott down the stairs at college to see Billy Graham! (well worth it) !
31. One of my uncles signed the Declaration of Independence.
32.  I have had shingles two times, the second time I got it,(less than two years ago) I almost died from hemorrhaging to death from the antivirals the doctor prescribed to me.
A painting that I sold of Frieda and Diego!
A small painting I sold titled White House but I wish I titled it Raptured Tree
A painting I sold called Swimming in the Gulf, painted right after the oil explosion on the gulf coast
another little painting I sold
a commissioned work
33.. I no longer have my appendix, I almost died from it erupting when I was seven years old.
34. I once had lunch with Norman Vincent Peale, who offered me a job at the Guidepost magazine.
35. I have wanted to be a missionary to Africa ever since I was a young girl.
36.. I still think I might get to be a missionary but even better to teach art as healing when I go! If God allows it.
me three years ago

37.. I have climbed to the top of the statue of Liberty, the top of the empire state building, The top of the Eiffel tower, and the top of Mount Washington four times.
38. I am related to the poet Robert Burns, the original writer of Old Lang Synge, and of Mice and Men.
39. When my first born was Christened it was the first time the church used oil to anoint. Now that son really loves the Lord. My second born however is an atheist.
Christening of my second child
40...I have never met a person that I did not like. Sometimes I just dislike some habits. I am very open and loving. Know that if we ever meet that I would love you too! If we have already met I already do love you, and I pray for the entire earth and the people who live on it!
A painting I sold this year

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