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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Keeping my hands busy while my face heals from poison ivy!

colorized with acrylic paint crayon d'ache, water color pencils and black ink, added mixtures of color combined with gesso!

Just messin' around with a friends envelope! Can you find the Joey animal for my Joey friend?

closeup of Day two drawing for the 30 day challenge

My left hand times four blind contoured, colorized with Marvies and a black ink pen

Les Feldman reading Psalm :73 another blind contour ATC! Fun Stuff!!!

poison ear ivy

leaves of three let em be!

Behind blue eyes!

The next day these birds learned to fly and were gone!

Side of our backyard one of our many gardens!

Front mid yard which I call 'LADY SLIPPER ALLY"!

One of my few bachelor buttons!

Have a tweet day!

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