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Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch is finished! And SOLD!!!!

This ia a 30 x 15" canvas, it's a wrapped canvas and is 1&3/4 inches deep painted on the sides and ready to hang. The exterior is sealed with Liquidex matte medium and finally a top coat of Dorland's wax! The paint is quality acrylic and some aquarelle graphite for details.
for sale one day only $500.00 dollars

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                                                The middle picture is closest to actual colors!
darkened for fun not actual colors!
This painting sold at the Boys and Girls club here in Milford for $200.00 dollars, I put the value at $400.00 so a little disappointed but still very glad they got some good money for it, I will do this again if they want me to, as it feels great to give to the children of my own community!!!

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